Find out how to use the code editor and answer to most of your questions.


We are simplifying the coding experience by providing fast online coding experience for free.
  • 100% online programming experience
  • Share code with others
  • Practice coding interview questions
  • Collaborative coding
  • Visualize asssembly code
  • Compile and run your code right here. We support latest C/C++ language features.
  • Format your code by pasting the code in the program window, select 'Format' button and press the 'Run' button.

Getting started with coding on

Run your first program.
  • Simply paste the code you want to run in the CodeEditor.
  • Select the programming language in which the code was written (C/C++/Python).
  • Select the 'Run' Action from the actions dropdown.
  • Press the 'Play' Button.
The output of the program will appear in the 'STDOUT' window.


The Navigation Menu



to select programming languages like C/C++/Python.



to select the type of action e.g., run the program, see assembly etc.

Compiler Flags:


to pass compiler flags to the C/C++ compiler.



to execute the action selected.



to share the code with others. A link will be provided which can be shared.

Copy Share Link:


copy the link created by the share link to share the code with others. Alternatively, you can sopy the link from the browser window as well, or F6+Ctrl+c

Full Screen:


to avoid distraction of other tabs and code in full screen mode.



to select light or dark theme.



This wiki page etc.


The CodeEditor window is an advanced text editor, with color-highlighting, simple auto-completion, scroll features.


The STDIN window is where user can supply input to the program. Note that the input is relevant only for programs which are run.


The STDOUT window is where the program's output will appear, the formatted output, the assembly, the compilation errors etc. will also appear here.


The Navbar has all the options that can be selected.



Brief instructions on how to use our website more effectively.

Share Code: In case you want to share your code with others, and maybe collaborate while programming simultaneously you can just click the 'Share' icon in the navbar. Upon clicking the share button, a unique link will be created that can be shared with others. Upon sharing everyone using the link will see and be able to edit the same code. This feature is very useful while conducting programming interviews online or pair-programming. Also see 'Terms and Conditions' before sharing your code.

Change mode: BitSimplify supports both light and dark mode to suit your needs. Click on the bulb icon to change mode. We use cookies to save your settings so when you visit next time the mode will be as you've set before.

Provide compiler flags: It is quite common to use compiler optimization flags while writing C/C++ programs. BitSimplify provides a way for you to use compiler flags. Most common compiler flags are '-O2', '-O3' as they enable compiler optimizations. To learn more about compiler optimizations please visit theĀ gcc page.

Feature requests / Bug reporting: We very much appreciate if you have any features you'd like to see on BitSimplify. Also if you encounter a bug, please don't hesitate to report to us. Both feature requests and bug reporting can be done on ourĀ bug-tracker repository on github.