Which cryptocurrency to invest among altcoins to get high return

The rising tide of Bitcoin has more or less come to an end. That means we should explore cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Steller, EOS, NEO, IOTA and many more. Here, you will know more about some popular altcoins.

What is an Altcoin?

Altcoin refers to the Alternative coin of Bitcoin. ‘Alt’ for Alternative and ‘Coin’ for Bitcoin. Yes, all the other cryptocurrencies except bitcoin are altcoin. These digital currencies are similar to Bitcoin. Some altcoins have different monetary policy rules built into the currency to encourage different uses.

Ethereum Altcoin


Ethereum is the highest market cap altcoin. It is having the market cap of $51,378,816,233 which more than 1/3rd of Bitcoin market cap. Its current price is 522$ (26 March 2018). But Ethereum reached 900$ couple of times.


Alike Ethereum Litecoin is also a popular cryptocurrency. Its price cross 300$ mark couple of times in his history. Now, due to down market, its price is 160$ (26 March 2018).

These two were the most popular altcoins in the past year (Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold are also the other two). But now the trend has changed once again. People want to invest low amount and need a high return. So, they turn to Ripple, NEO, EOS, IOTA, Cardano, Steller and more.


Why Invest in Ripple, NEO, EOS, IOTA, Cardano or Steller?

The price of these altcoins is affordable to all so that every person can invest in it. Where Ripple, Cardano and Steller’s price is less than 1$ now, the price of IOTA, EOS, and NEO is 1.3$, 6.5$, and 64.9$ respectively.

You can buy more than 20 Ripples in less than 15$. What 15$ costs for you? Think that you have not watched a movie this Sunday. but these 15$ could become 15000$ if Ripple does the similar what Bitcoin did. And if Ripple falls down or crashes in the next few months, then 15$ is not a big deal to lose. Similarly, you can invest in Cardano and Steller. The price of Cardano is 0.18$ and price of Steller is 0.23$ now (26 March 2018).

Moreover, if you want to invest some more money then you may go with IOTA, EOS or NEO. All these are having similar kind of Market cap.

Which Altcoin is better for Long-Term Investment

My personal choice is Ripple and EOS for you. I prefer Ripple because its market cap is $25,062,566,331 which almost 1/6th of Bitcoin. Ripple is the cheapest among the popular cryptocurrencies. Except for Ripple, I prefer you to invest in EOS. Yes, EOS is a bit better than others. Its market cap is 4,914,955,719. Although you have to invest around 6$ to 7$ for one EOS. But it is not a big deal though.

Which Altcoin in better for Short-Term Investment or Day to Day Trading

For short-term investment, I prefer you to go with Ethereum or Litecoin. These are reputed altcoins and are having a high price. 2% or 3% fluctuation is its price could help investors to earn some money. Always be careful in the day to day trading. Moreover, keep yourself touched with Cryptocurrency news and headlines.

Future of Altcoin

See, this is hard to say that which Altcoin will rise in the upcoming future. On this is for sure, cryptocurrency has future. But which cryptocurrency will have bright future? This is difficult to predict.


Invest in cheap Altcoins, whose price is low and reputations are high. Also, Read How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe from Theft and Hacks to make sure your assets are safeguarded.

I am 21 years old boy from Delhi NCR, India. I am having 4-year experience in cryptocurrency. I am trading in cryptocurrencies for 3 years.

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