The Old-timer George Soros Shocked Again

The octogenarian loves to remain in the lights of the fame and there is no doubt about his skills to do so. George Soros, One of the most influential names in the market since the 1980s is world’s most successful investor having a net worth of $8 Billion in February 2018. If the amount seems to be ordinary than we would like to share you that the Old-Timer donated $18 Billion of his money to his Philanthropic Agency known as Open Society Foundation.

George Soros is looking to extend his business in Cryptocurrency too, claimed some sources. An Investor always thinks about the right time to do investment and George is the best example of that. In the opening month of 2018, Bitcoin, leading Cryptocurrency was at its peak value and appeared to climb much higher heights. Everyone on the planet was praying God to let them invest in the Currency. But meanwhile, they were afraid of its indefinite downfall. George Soros once again removed their uncertainty claiming the crypto-industry as a bubble. He claimed Bitcoin as Bubble. These words lashed the market harshly and helped him to push the price down. The market collapsed more than 40% in the next few hours.

Was it one of the investor’s Tricks?

God knows. But we are damned sure about that it was a pre-planned. If it wasn’t then how a man can jump into the ditch which he claimed to be of indefinite depth. His comment on Bitcoin helped him and many investors to make money from it with maximum possible profit. Now some of the sources claimed that George Soros is looking forward to investing in Bubble Industry.

Bitcoin was trading at $19000 at the end of the previous year and was on a good path to cross all possible barriers. But after the cursed comment from the most influential investor, the trading took a sharp 180-degree turn. Bitcoin fall sharply and once again in the grip of investors. And George knows when to invest.

Why is George Soros so successful?

Believe us we are also unaware of this question. But According to Soros, his success is based on Reflexivity Theory. In simple words, this theory suggests that investors base their decisions not only on reality but also on their perception.

According to this theory, there are two possible realities: The objective and the subjective. Soros explains objective reality deals with the outer or external factors but the subjective aspects cover what takes place in the persons’ mind.

Is it time to invest in Cryptocurrency?

It depends on you and you only. We are sure that Bitcoin rises again and reach once again at the top. And some of us also believes that Bitcoin goes beyond than previous this time. Moreover, the decisive step of George Soros also helps the currency to stand much firmly. Yes, it is right time to invest. Indian Government banned Cryptocurrency to trade in India but also gave 90 days deadline to investors to clear all their investments. Still, there is enough time to hit the bullseye.

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