Lightcash Review: First Gold Backed ICO

Cryptocurrency industry is increasing day by day. People are getting aware and interested in the investment in cryptocurrencies. Due to huge fluctuation and less profit in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and couple more famous cryptocurrencies, people turn to ICOs. ICO is Initial coin offering. In other words, it is the way to start your new cryptocurrency tokens. To know more about ICO and how they work Click Here.

LightCash – First Gold Backed ICO

Lightcash announces Gold backed ICO after the launch of Cryptocurrency Exchange that will integrate world Fiat Economies with the Blockchain. It is the World’s First Real Gold Backed ICO. Moreover, it is First Legal and Secure International System for Exchanging Cryptocurrencies for Fiat. Also providing Fast Transaction and easy user interface.

The Token Sale of Light Cash is Live Now. You can buy the tokens of LCSH from its official site or visit In order to buy tokens, you have to register there at the site. The sale is live till 11th April 2018.

Lightcash site is offering you internet money transfer via Paypal and Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) transfer to make a successful order of Lightcash buying. The current price of LCSH in 0.0002 ETH per LCSH.


Lightcash Based on Blockchain Technology

LCSH is actually based on Blockchain Technology. It will provide an easy transaction, with instant exchange facility from LCSH to fiat currency. Moreover, LCSH is increasing its market and becoming popular. So that, you can can pay your bills at some restaurants, other limited shops.

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The LCSH team is having experience of more than 50 years (combined) in Blockchain Technology and Gold Mining. Moreover, the major company of the LCSH project also owns Lapri Mining Company, LLC, an operating gold mining enterprise. For the convenient of users, LCSH launched their Android App. So, that users can easily do the payment with a very tiny fraction of commission.

Services by Lightcash

After registering to Lightcash, a Lightcash account will be opened, an electronic wallet and mobile phone token account are automatically created. Users may then top up their electronic wallet with tokens by using bank cards or other traditional payment systems and major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple exchanges.

  • No more waiting to receive your card. You will receive your virtual card immediately after registration.
  • No restrictions or limits on transaction amounts.
  • No need for currency exchange. Instant payments in the monetary or cryptocurrency at the international level.
  • Integration with most wallets and third-party payment services (PayPal, Gyft, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM).
  • Contactless payment options – ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, QR-codes, and many others.
  • Option to open interest-bearing deposit accounts for their cryptocurrencies.
  • For Security, 98% of client digital assets and tokens will be stored independently and offline.

Exchange conversion rates are determined by spot rates for LCSH tokens on crypto exchanges.

Lightcash trading will take place on a decentralized trading platform that features an intuitive user interface, with access to real-time market data, charting tools, and transaction history, all at a reasonable exchange charge for high volume trading.

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