Future Prediction of the most famous Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: Future or Bubble

Cryptocurrency is one of the most searched items on the internet in recent times. Specifically, Bitcoin was leading the searchable list. Almost every 95 person searching out of 100 in the list is inquisitive about the Bitcoin. But we are not going to discuss it here. Because a lot of articles are hanging on the nails of Internet Wall, You can go through them whenever you want. This article is on future of Cryptocurrency, whether it will bloom or it will blast.

Why is Bitcoin so famous?

Not so long ago, in 2009 the Bitcoin cryptocurrency appears on the earth. Claimed to be developed by a Japanese mind, Satoshi Nakamoto, in his paper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Bitcoin was as cheap as a street candy. It took almost 2 years before it became $1 worth in April 2011. It took another two years to price itself $100 per Bitcoin. This was a very fast growth. In mid-2014 it climbs to $850 surprising everyone who purchased it a year before and let others curse themselves why they haven’t invested in it. But this was just a rain shower the monsoon was yet to come. Bitcoin crossed $1000 fence in mid-2017 and reaches up to the peak of $20,000 in the month of December in the same year. That was an unimaginable jump from any asset in the history. Right now it is pulsating between eight and nine Thousand Dollars. You can read more about the crash of bitcoin in early 2018.


Can I make money from Bitcoin?

This is not a simple question to answer. We mean we can’t predict the unpredictable. Yes, Bitcoin is very unpredictable. Its value rises in seconds and falls in another few seconds. And again repeat this process. Some experts predict it the price will climb up to 1M USD in near future but others warn that it is just a bubble. As it was not in control of any government authority, so there is none who can be claimed to be responsible for any future unfavorable happenings.  Moreover many countries ban or avoid Bitcoin in their legal tenders. On the other hand, Japan is going big on bitcoin. It depends on your country whether they allow you to invest in Bitcoin or not and depends on the value of Bitcoin whether it rises in future or just sank in the river of time.


Is Bitcoin safe?

As mentioned earlier, there is no owner of Bitcoin and hence there is none who is answerable to you. Expert claims that the transactions of Bitcoin are safe but every year a case or two of theft were registered. This makes everyone to think twice before investing a huge amount in this digital asset. Moreover, almost 40% market of Bitcoin depends on less than 1% of investors. This means Bitcoin indirectly depends on these people and they can shake its market whenever they want. But we should not be disheartened by these facts because a lot of people have made huge money from Bitcoin in recent time.

What is Conclusion?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a totally unpredictable asset. No one knows what will be its future. Whether it will shine like Sun for nearly eternal time or it will blast like Balloon. There are a lot of people who have their full faith in it. If you are looking for investing in it and have some extra money then surely you can go for it but the decision is always yours.

I am 21 years old boy from Delhi NCR, India. I am having 4-year experience in cryptocurrency. I am trading in cryptocurrencies for 3 years.

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