Can Bitcoin Prove to be a New Gold? Bitcoin: The New Gold

Bitcoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin, every man on the planet are looking forward to having at least One Bitcoin so that he may become Millionaire in the coming future as many investors claimed that Bitcoin may trade at $10 Million in next 5 years. Yes, you heard it correctly 10 Million Dollars. Today we are here to let you know about the Bitcoin and its possible future. Many Investors claim it to be a new Gold. Seems funny, But believe us they really think it to be a new gold.

Why is Bitcoin Gold?

Investors around the world, double or sometimes multiply their investment manifold by investing their money in right assets at the right time. Gold was one of the most suitable assets for investment. People across the world loved to invest in it. But nowadays young Investors are happy to bid in Bitcoin rather than Gold. The old-timers who invested in Gold in 2008 are not so happy people as a teen who invested in Bitcoin in 2016. The gold traded nearly at $900 in 2008 and currently having priced of $1250 per ounce in 2018. But on the other hand, Bitcoin is in the other world. Introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, One Bitcoin or BTC was as cheap as a street candy. But today that One BTC can purchase a good car to impress some girls. Bitcoin today is trading nearly $9000, but not long before, in December 2017 it was trading nearly $21000. So all this data is enough to invest in Bitcoin and hence it is no wrong to claim it a New Gold.

Can Bitcoin replace Gold?

Yes, It can. We mean to say it got the higher possibility to replace the Gold. As BTC is a digital asset and many young investors believe in its reliability. Many of them think Bitcoin may be the solution for the countries which faces the economically or specifically crashed money crises. Bitcoin is much famous in the European Countries than other parts of the world. They believe more in Bitcoin than their own National Currency. These peoples saw money crises in their countries more often than other parts of the world. As Bitcoin is independent of national boundaries so it is more sustainable and reliable than any other currency. Investors today are keener to replace the gold from Bitcoin.

Can we have some Examples?

George Soros, one of the most influential Businessmen of the world is looking forward to investing in the digital currency. Earlier this year Soros claimed Bitcoin and other digital assets as Bubble but now it seems that the comment was a Business trick by which he was able to deflate the currency value from $22-25k to $9k today.  Now he was looking forward to investing in it. Another example of big investment was John Pfeffer. He was sure that Bitcoin will replace Gold in coming future and may trade at $700k. He claimed Bitcoin to be the right choice of investment at present. This was the first ever statement by an investor on Cryptocurrency. Moreover, he predicted that Bitcoin is a much better asset than any other asset available today. Some countries however blocked Bitcoin from trading in their boundaries but may be in the coming future they allow it. Advancement of Blockchain Technology will also boost the market.As of now, Bitcoin is looking up in the sky.

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