Bitcoin Cash (BCH): A Rising Crytocurrency

Every investor in the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency world is aware of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. They are very keen to invest in them. Bitcoin is one of the most reputed among them. For the last 18 months news on Bitcoin comes in the trending Headlines. It earns a lot of respect recently. People are investing their money to earn a good profit from it. But not more than a handful of investors are aware of other assets to invest and earn a profit as Bitcoin provide them. We are going to discuss “Bitcoin Cash” today.

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash is a Cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Moreover, both of them share common roots. Bitcoin cash is very new to this world and will celebrate its first birthday in the month of August this year. Due to large size and number of Blocks Bitcoin system had to divide it’s working. From there a new Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash was introduced in this world. Bitcoin cash is worldwide decentralized payment system as Bitcoin. This means it is not under the control of any bank or a country.

When was Bitcoin Cash introduced?

Bitcoin Cash was introduced on 1st day in the month of August 2017. Its introduction was not done for greed but for the times need. Due to higher demand for Bitcoin in the last couple of years, the block size and number increase exponentially. And to cope with that an idea of splitting was passed. Hence we get the total new currency known as Bitcoin Cash. The initial value of the new currency was not more than $200 but at present, it is trading at nearly $1500, almost 8 times the value.

Is BCH safe?

We don’t want to be hard on Cryptocurrency but we can’t use the word safe for them. They are not unsafe either. We can call them risky. And come-on earning money is not a soothing task. You have to take a risk for it. But you can earn money from it is damned surety. Bitcoin Cash is currently trading at $1400 and last year at this very time Bitcoin was at the same price tag. Today Bitcoin is 5 times precious than a year ago. And if you want to be optimistic that maybe Bitcoin Cash will trade at the same price in a coming year as the price of Bitcoin today.

How to invest in Bitcoin Cash?

Investing Bitcoin Cash is not a herculean task today. A lot of Cryptocurrency wallets like Unocoin and Paypal allow their users to trade in Bitcoin Cash too. Investing in Bitcoin cash follows the same procedure as of Bitcoin. You need to have a wallet and money to buy the Cryptocurrency. In India, the RBI restricted its bank from allowing them to trade in Cryptocurrency. This decision trembles the digital market in India badly. But still, Investors are very keen to earn profit from it. In conclusion, we can say that Bitcoin Cash is also a good asset and if you want to invest in Cryptocurrency than it will be a great choice.

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