Analysis of Ripple (XRP) – What is the probability of getting rich

In the Cryptocurrency world, most people are aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only in the Cryptocurrency world but also common people are aware of them.  This is because of their growth in the last couple of years.

Bitcoin was founded by a Japanese mind, Satoshi Nakamoto, in the year of 2009. Ethereum is quite young compared to Bitcoin (BTC). It was introduced on 30th July 2015. These two Cryptocurrencies have the maximum share in the Global market. This is another valid reason for their popularity. Bitcoin climbed up to the price of 1500k INR and Ethereum grew over 13,000 percent in 2017. But, today we are going to analyze another digital currency, which has the third largest share in the Cryptocurrency market. The name of that digital currency is Ripple (XRP).

What is Ripple?

Basically, Ripple is a company founded in 2012. It has its headquarter in San Francisco, California. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, this company also have a global reach. The main reason for this company to be famous is Ripple Payment Protocol (RPP) or commonly known as “Ripples”. To put it simply, Ripple is both a company and a cryptocurrency. Its market symbol is XRP.

Why was Ripple introduced?

The founding idea of ripple was “Secure, Instantly and Nearly Free Global Financial Transaction of any Size with no Chargeback”. There is a slight difference between Ripples and other digital currency. Ripple is based on Centralised Nature of Currency. Because of this reason, many healthy minds considered Ripple as a future of the Cryptocurrency world. According to them, Ripple can act as a medium of exchange in coming future. It was specially designed for financial transactions. Banks especially like XRP because the transaction is virtually free and instant unlike BTC and ETH.

Is Ripple is trustworthy?

Of course it is. We mean Ripple is most trustworthy Major Cryptocurrency in comparison to others. And as it is not decentralized hence there is someone who can be blamed by us if any miss happening occurs. Moreover, a lot of Businessmen invested their capital in Ripple Company. This also boosts the trust of a common man in it. You can also invest in Ripples. No one knows what is going to happen in future. If Ripple’s business spread like Bitcoin then you may earn a lot of profit from it. If you want to invest some money in the market, Ripples is not a bad choice.

What is the price of One Ripple?

Like others, Ripples also have varied price value. From the introduction into the market, Ripples saw many ups and downs in its journey. In September 2017 the price of one Ripples is nearly 10 INR and at the end of the year, it climbed to 150 INR. But at present (First week of April 2018) its price value is nearly 36 INR. Hence you can see Ripple’s value fluctuated a lot in last six months. BTFD!

Where can I buy Ripples in India?

There are a lot of Cryptocurrency wallets on the Market. Specifically, In India Unocoin and Zebpay are the best choices. Both of them have Mobile Application too. All you need to do is make an account on these wallets, verify your account and purchase Ripples through them. The user interface of these apps and websites are very much user-friendly. If you have any problem you can go through over previous article (Link).

What is the probability of getting rich?

This is a kind of question which we don’t want to answer. Getting rich is not herculean task these days. Investing in Cryptocurrency may be the one path. But there is always a slim probability of failure in any business. It depends on your luck and also the time of investment in the business. Investors of Bitcoin from 2010 will be the luckiest men on the planet when it jumped to 1500k INR. Maybe this can also happen in the case of Ripple in coming future. According to us if you do have some extra money around 10k, then invest it in Ripple. Recently, the price of XRP has gone down because the market is kind of low. This is a very good time to buy XRP. All the very best.

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