Blockchain: at the Core of the Energy Sector Revolution

2018 will be the year of G-to-C and G-to-G (Government to Citizen and
Government to Government) — laws, regulations, treaties written in smart
contracts, making it 100x cheaper and more straightforward to comply
with them and 100x cheaper and easier to do appropriate oversight
without having to subpoena personal and company records.

Initial hurdles for the energy sector

The whole coin concept presents two big issues for the firms that choose that approach. First, there’s a mismatch between the needs of investors/speculators (who want the token/coin to increase in value) and the needs of network users (who are looking for a stable currency to transact). It’s as though we were forced to pay for energy in the stock of the utility or retailer. Yes, firms like PowerLedger and Grid+ are using two tokens to try and thread this needle, but ultimately power consumers will be fighting speculators for access to tokens. Which leads to the second issue: the macro-economics of the token.

Our fiat currencies also faced a fight between speculators and consumers, but most of the time the professional managers of the currency (e.g. the Fed or the ECB) combine with the size of the ForEx market to keep fiat currencies stable. Tthe firms who’ve issued these tokens have the macro-economic chops to manage their tokens effectively so that consumers can have faith in the token’s long-term ability to be exchanged for energy at a reasonable cost. If the whole point of blockchain is to reduce cost, increase trust, and allow for new types of transactions, then a poorly managed, volatile token doesn’t seem like the way to get there.

Top ICOs for energy sector


SolarCoin will provide a distributed, permanent record of your solar production. While logging production to the chain, you can also advertise your RECs as available and for sale. Finally, when you find a buyer, transferring your SolarCoin along with the REC serves as a very tidy REC receipt. Free SolarCoin registration at


Envion could be a Swiss-registered blockchain that focuses on providing crypto-mining infrastructure and block-chain mining. The firm offers good solutions that maximize the worth of renewable energy globally. mercantilism in cryptocurrencies is extraordinarily well-liked, and Envion seeks to revolutionize the digital currency mining. ttps://


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